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Rivelan is the work of one man, San Francisco-based producer Nowell Valeri. The project's debut album, Black Rainbow Blues, pulls its sound primarily from the music of Valeri's youth, spanning 80s pop and sci fi film scores to 90s grunge, industrial and hip hop.

Thematically, Black Rainbow Blues covers an array of introspective dark topics, from the faults of human perception and psychological disturbance, to conspiracy theories and substance abuse. The song A Special Place in Hell fully unloads on economic disparity, apathy, selfishness and contempt, while Black Triangles strikes a more sympathetic tone, featuring, as author Suhail Rafidi puts it: "...the kind of lyric writing that rock and roll is all about"

Valeri is also a filmmaker, inevitably injecting cinema into every facet of Rivelan's tone and sonic palette. From sweeping strings to distorted samples and grinding percussion, Rivelan is a soundtrack to the best surreal psychedelic horror film that never existed. In the words of its creator: "Rivelan is music for those who bask in the light but aren't afraid of the dark."

San Francisco, CA, USA

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